Here are a few easy ways to connect to First Baptist Church.


If you are new here, we suggest you start with the "View the Story" link. This online booklet will explain the Gospel, the good news of how we can be brought back to God. The Gospel is the center of the Christian life because it is the story of Jesus Christ. In Him, we find our life and our hope.

Finding a Life Group is another important step to fully connecting at FBC. Life Groups are intentional small group environments where members "do life" together for the purpose of "life change." We consider biblical community essential to making progress in your spiritual journey. Life Groups are designed specifically to cultivate biblical community. Let us know if you are interested in joining or in more information.

Consider enrolling in a course at FBC. We regularly offer courses in order to help you pursue God's truth as part of becoming a developing follower Christ in every area of your life. Read through the course descriptions and you may find a topic that intersects with your interests and life stage.

If you have any further questions about connecting at First Baptist Church, use the "contact the staff" link in order to email any one of our staff members. We would be thrilled to help you!