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1.            Financial Peace University: Cost is $90.00 per couple

               Facilitated by Vicki Luchkiw & Becky Frederick

This 5 week course changes EVERYTHING! Your money. Your story.   Your life. Learn God’s ways of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!  The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months!

  1.        When Helping Hurts: Facilitated by Jenny Bolinger

How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor....and Yourself.  Good intentions are not enough.  When Helping Hurts articulates a biblically based approach to poverty alleviation, a framework that has already shaped 300,000 church and ministry leaders.  Join us as we learn how we can walk with people who are poor in ways that lead to lasting change.  Help mobilize FBC to engage in effective poverty alleviation. "I have never read a better book on practically serving the poor, and I pray that God will use (it) to equip His people to accomplish His purpose in a world of urgent spiritual and physical need for the glory of His great name."--David Platt, author of Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.

  1.         Redemption Recovery: Facilitated by Jeremy Lutz                                                             Book Cost $10.00    Study by Matt Chandler

Recovering Redemption is a powerful study on how God rescues us and continues to change us by the power of the Gospel. God meets you where you are but He is not going to leave you there. The sessions will include teaching by Matt Chandler followed by group participant discussions. There will be a $10.00 cost for this class in order to purchase a member book. 

  1.        When God Doesn’t Make Sense: Facilitated by Gary Weimer                                               Study by James Dobson

Have you ever had trouble understanding that problems are a normal part of everyone's life? Jesus said in John 16:33 " this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world."  This class is based on the Bible and James Dobson's book, "When God Doesn't Make Sense". It will enable you to trust God when life throws you a "curve".

  1.        Networking/ Finding Your Fit: Taught by Pastor Scott Frederick

Do you know what your spiritual, God-given gifts are?

Come to class to discover what your spiritual gifts are and find your fit!!


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