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      Faith Commitment (3 years - 4th grade)


"Let the children come to me.  Don't stop them!  For the kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.  I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn't receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it."                                                                               Mark 10:14-15


Parent Seminars:  1)Faith Foundations,  2)Spiritual Disciplines,  3)Leading your Child to Christ

At this parent seminar spanning 3 consecutive Sunday mornings, parents are given information on key truths and disciplines that children need exposure to and practice in during their faith journey in order to make a commitment of faith.  During the first parents seminar  there is a review of the idea of God's call for them to be the primary spiritual influencer in the life of their child and on blessing their child.  Additionally, the idea of Core Competencies, Faith Talks, and God Sightings are discussed.

          Core Competencies are key truths that must be learned by an individual as they progress in their faith journey.  Some of these competencies would include understanding who Jesus is, what God's Work, the Bible, is and what it says, sin, repentance and salvation.

          Faith Talks are formal and informal conversations with their child in which these core competencies are intentionally discussed at least once a week.  These could include family devotions or conversations in the car, or during a walk in the park.

          God Sightings are opportunities that come up in informal ways in which parents can model core competencies for their children such as an impromptu opportunity to serve someone, talking about creation while playing outside, or asking for forgiveness during a play date.

Seminar two speaks to developing and practicing spiritual disciplines within your family.  There is a focus on teaching prayer, leading family devotions, Bible memory, and navigating the Bible.

Seminar three specifically encompasses developing the skills and confidence to lead your child to Christ without pressuring them and making sure that they are ready to make that decision.


Church Event:     Baptism

Once a child has accepted  Christ as Savior, they have the opportunity to be baptized.  Baptism services happen several times a year and children must participate in a required baptism class prior to baptism.  During the class children are given the opportunity to share their faith story (testimony) and there is a discussion about what baptism is, what it is not and what it represents.  After the baptism service children receive a baptism certificate.

Family Celebration:     Spiritual Birthday Party

Nothing is as important in the life of an individual as accepting Christ as Savior; therefore, there is reason to celebrate!  Parents will be given ideas and information on how to throw a Spiritual Birthday Party experience for their child in order to commemorate their decision and to celebrate it in the years to come.

Core Competencies:

Includes Jesus, faith, the Bible, spiritual disciplines, sin, repentance, and salvation