Milestone 3:

  Preparing for Adolescence (5th & 6th Graders)


“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”                                                                

  1 Timothy 4:12


Parent Seminar:                  Preparing for Adolescence

                At this seminar parents of 5th graders will be given information to start to prepare their preteen for transition into adolescence.  This seminar will focus on the prevailing culture that these preteens will be facing and the pressures that are associated with this culture through the lens of their identity in Christ.  Through this lens they will be able to answer the questions of “Who am I?” and “Whose am I?”  Based on their identity in Christ, parents will be able to use that lens to have faith talks with their preteens about hard topics such as their developing bodies, emotional changes and sex.  These faith talks are meant to be a regular part of family life in leading up to the retreat, road trip and beyond. Additionally, parents are given tools and resources as how to strengthen their preteen’s spiritual disciplines of prayer, devotions, etc. to promote spiritual growth. 


Church Event:                      Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Retreat

                During their 6th grade year there will be a local retreat where mothers and daughters and fathers and sons are able to spend time together learning about God’s design for women and men.  There will be two separate locations for these retreats.  The mother/daughter retreat will focus on the topic of “God’s Design for His Daughters” which includes the idea of being cherished, purity of your heart, soul and body, sex as a gift from God, and being faithful.  The father/son retreat will focus on “God’s plan for a Man” which includes the idea of being courageous, being honorable, sex, and being faithful.


Family Celebration:            Road Trip

                The culmination of this milestone is the idea of the family road trip.  This again can be a mother/daughter or father/son event or can be both parents – it is up to the family.  This road trip is a fun weekend away, such as camping or a shopping trip, with the purpose of connecting with your preteen around something enjoyable.  The point of this weekend is to celebrate your child’s transition from childhood to adolescence.    During this weekend there is also a focus on continuing the earlier faith talks and letting your preteen know that you are there to lead them as they enter adolescence.


Core Competency:             Identity in Christ, spiritual growth