Adult Ministries

Our purpose is to help you become a developing follower of Christ in every area of your life. The ministries and environments we offer are all designed to help you grow to become more like Jesus.

FBC Discipleship Journey

In our effort to help people become developing followers of Christ, FBC is committed through her ministries, services and environments to helping the disconnected DISCOVER a relationship with Christ and with others who follow Him. We then DEVELOP followers of Christ in their faith by encouraging participation in authentic community and pursuit of God's truth. Ultimately, we will DEPLOY equipped Christ-followers to impact their families, their community, and their world.

We offer many types of small group environments where you can experience Christ-centered community with others. We have ministry teams, care groups, interest groups, and life groups. Ministry teams are spread throughout the ministry areas of the church. We suggest attending our "Finding Your Fit" course to help you discover where you might best serve. We offer many courses where you can be spiritually formed as you pursue God's truth in focused and topic-oriented way.