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Seminar with Guest Speaker, Gus Supan

April 11th & 12th

7-9pm Friday evening, 8:30am-3:30pm on Saturday


Purpose = To increase understanding of the similarities and differences between Roman Catholic beliefs and FBC’s beliefs, and how to talk with Catholics in a positive manner.

 Cost = Free (snacks & boxed lunch on Saturday included)

 Ideal for:

  • Anyone with Catholic friends or loved ones
  • Anyone who previously considered themselves Catholic
  • Anyone who is a practicing Catholic now
  • Anyone who wishes to have a greater understanding of Catholicism and how to talk with Catholics



Detailed Seminar Agenda



7-8pm (Fri)

Orientation, Testimony, Philosophy


Catholic Doctrine of Salvation

8:30-9:30am (Sat)

Biblical Doctrine of Salvation


Doctrine of Authority part 1


Doctrine of Authority part 2




Catholic Doctrine of Worship (Eucharist/Lord’s Supper)


Catholic Doctrine of Worship (Mass)


Doctrine of Mary  & General Questions


 Gus Supan Biography (from

Pastor Gus Supan is a former Board of Directors of the Biblical Counseling Institute. He served on the panel of the "Transforming Lives" radio program WHKW 1220 Salem Radio and is IABC (International Assoc. of Biblical Counselors) certified. He is also the Director of Catholic Conversations Ministry, which lovingly engages Roman Catholics and Protestants in pursuit of spiritual truth. Gus is retired Pastor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Cuyahoga Valley Church in Broadview Hts. Ohio. He has recently joined the volunteer staff at the New Life Hospice in Lorain Ohio serving in pastoral care.

Pastor Supan was raised a Roman Catholic attending Catholic grade school, high school, and college and remained a committed Catholic for the first forty years of his life. Upon acknowledging Christ as his Lord and Savior he began his passion of proclaiming the gospel to the dominant Catholic community in Northeast Ohio, especially those who are no longer affiliated or are seeking a more meaningful spiritual experience with God.


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