Posted by Scott Frederick on OA11er @ 11:55 AM

I came in this morning not sure how things were going to go!  The past two weeks I have been dealing with sinus issues and muscle spasms in my neck that have been causing headaches that leave me almost unable to do anything!  During rehearsal my voice wasn’t cooperating, my timing was off…things just didn’t look good at all!  Overwhelmed with frustration and emotion I looked in front of me and behind me to a team of godly people who had my front and my back!  A group of people who each and every give tremendous amounts of time to make each Sunday morning happen whether behind the scenes as a creative team member, tech person, administrative assistant and in the front band members and vocals that rehearse music outside of scheduled rehearsals!  And I was brought to tears and became very emotional because I saw God’s blessing on my life with the opportunity to lead with these Godly people.


As the name we were focusing on was Everlasting Father, I only felt it appropriate to sing the song Everlasting God! 


One thing I know that I have found

Through all the troubles that surround

You are the Rock that never fails

You never fail


One thin I know that I believe

Through all the blessings I receive

You are the only One that stays

You always stay


You never change You’re still the same

You are the Everlasting God

You will remain after the day is gone

And the things of earth have passed

Everlasting God


Everlasting, Everlasting, Everlasting God

Everlasting, Everlasting, Everlasting God


This morning I encountered the Everlasting God! Whether I am going through troubles or not HE remains the same.  Why on earth would I want to follow anything else!!!!!






P. Scott

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