AWAKENING…don’t we all need it?

Posted by Scott Frederick on OP12er @ 12:08 PM

I am so excited about the “Me to We” series!  I believe we are being challenged by God to think bigger and outside of the box as well!  I wanted us to start off in the right frame of mind immediately with “Awakening”, praying that God’s word unfolded today would spark within all of us an awakening! 


For me this morning having you all sit in different areas was really hard for me, because I am so use to seeing your faces in the “usual” spots that it through me off a little, but it was all good!  This morning we were blessed by the choir singing “Will Be Christ To You” which really prompted me to think about the “me” in our congregation that is hurting and struggling and then the massive life changing thought of the “we” out there that has no hope what so over!  As followers of Christ we have a responsibility to keep our lives on track with the Lord, we cannot just sit back and think He is going to do all the work!  We need to constantly challenge ourselves to open our eyes to His work both in our lives and the world around us!  It is a life of complete surrender to Him!  Jesus made the most complete sacrifice for us to have eternal life with Him!  A foundation on which we place our faith!   I absolutely was moved this morning singing “My Faith Has Found a Resting Place” because I am so blessed!!!  But how often do we forget?  The Holy Spirit really challenged me with the fact of that reality.  I felt moved to have people stand who have been struggling lately…struggling to put one foot in front of the other.  So I invited us to just listen to the song “Enough” and then at the end asked those who have been struggling to stand so I could pray for them!  It was an overwhelming emotion for me, and a privilege to pray for them today and this coming week!  You know it is important the we continue to work on the “me” part of our life, keeping God first as we minister to the “we”. 


We have a God who rescued us!  Are there people in your life…the “we’s” that you need to extend that rescue to?  My prayer is that God will set our hearts on fire and that New Castle will never be the same…that the impact we make for the kingdom would transform our community!  Just some thoughts!!!!






P. Scott


Posted on OP11er @ 11:46 PM -
It's late at night, so pardon if this makes little to no sense. Scott, I love how you moved from me to we within your own heart. I've often heard it said that true leadership begins within yourself. Reading about the empathy that overtook your heart which caused you to show compassion to those who are suffering is just fantastic. Essentially, you acknowledged within your own life your own challenges and surrendered them over to the Father. This allowed you to move beyond yourself and to the greater world. The movement of Me to We.

Good stuff Scott! I can't wait to see how this series continues to challenge us as a Church over the coming weeks.

-David Jacobs
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