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As I reflect on the past weekend I come away with the challenge from Pastor Mike that God still speaks today!  I also come away with the sad reality that often we don’t listen…we are often like the disciples during those three days after the crucifixion of Christ to abandon Him if we do not hear from Him. It’s funny how we always make it about us, what we want, our timing.  “God answer this prayer, heal my loved one, take this cancer away from me…God do something, say something!!!”  And when He doesn’t it is so easy to just give up and walk away.

I am reminded of the movie “God Is Not Dead”. If you haven’t seen it you need to! During the last lecture, the professor was asked “Why do you hate God so much?”  The emotional answer was that He didn’t answer my prayer, he didn’t heal my mother from cancer”! In essence…HE DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING! This past weekend we wanted to emphasis that He does speak, He is ALIVE and speaks today…the problems is as humans we don’t listen. 

The disciples followed Jesus for three years of their lives, they gave up everything because in their minds it was going to play out that Jesus was going to be the Messiah King, the one who would free them from the bondage of Rome.  They had their plan. We have the luxury of looking back and saying to ourselves how crazy they were to just give up on Him so quickly when the beginnings of the crucifixion had begun.  They hid, they felt abandoned and lied to, lost and even denied Him.  In Peter’s case three times as Jesus had said he would.

Weeks went into the planning of our Easter services and Thursday I felt a strong call from the Holy Spirit to set up the scripture Pastor Mike spoke on Easter (John 21:15-19) where Jesus and Peter interact after Jesus had rose again with the popular song “Say Something”.  A very raw song about giving on up if we don’t hear something from someone.  It was very clear in my mind that as humans that is what we do and we do it a lot! Whether a follower of Christ or not, if we don’t hear we give up.  Whether a believer or not, if your marriage is falling apart and someone, God or human, doesn’t say something we give up.  If you at the bedside of a loved one who is dying and you don’t hear someone, God or human, we give up!

From the disciple’s perspective when Jesus was crucified, all that they had believed and followed in their minds was lost. And don’t think for one minute that if we were in their shoes we wouldn’t do the same thing.


The words to the song say something poetically apply such as “Anywhere I would have followed you”; “And I am feeling so small it was over my head I know nothing at all”; “SAY SOMETHING I’M GIVING UP ON YOU”. All things that I am pretty sure by the disciples actions were going on in their minds as well. WHEN WE DON’T HEAR GOD, WE GIVE UP! BUT GOD SPEAKS ALL THE TIME AND THAT WAS THE BEAUTIFUL TRANSITION AND CHALLENGE THAT PASTOR MIKE GAVE US BOTH ON GOOD FRIDAY AND EASTER SUNDAY!

I received and email asking “how this song had anything to do with Easter Sunday!”  It was used because I believe that the Holy Spirit prompted me, and as I talked with Pastor Mike about the song, we felt that it fit, that strikes a chord within all of us that we are quick to give up on God if He doesn’t respond to us, when we cry out to Him and He says nothing.  The real fact of the matter is that He does respond, we either do not listen or don’t like the answer.

I tried several times to respond to this email and it would not allow me to.  My assumption is that the person who wrote it did not want a response.  My several attempts to reply kept saying this person does not exist. So, if you are out there and are reading this whether you agree or not, it is the response to your email…whether you really wanted it or not. 

I would also like to challenge us all that as followers of Christ it is crucial that we practice Mathew 18:15-19 and lovingly confront face to face or in a signed letter or email that can be responded to.

The ultimate goal is that God was glorified and we celebrated that our Lord is alive and YES HE DOES SAY SOMETHING…ALL THE TIME! If you are not listening to HIM, then who are you listening to?




P. Scott

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