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What Is Baptism?

Here at First Baptist we believe baptism is the first mark of obedience for every newly converted Christian. We believe baptism is Jesus' first command to every one of His followers (Matt. 28:18-20). That being said, we take baptism very seriously.

What Does Baptism Do?

In one sense, nothing, and in another sense, everything! In one sense baptism is purely a confession. We believe baptism to be a public declaration of a man or woman's salvation. When someone is baptized, they are echoing the hymnwriter saying, "I have decided to follow Jesus." 

In another sense, baptism is everything because it shows a level of commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. Is baptism necessary for salvation? Not exactly. God is not checking the gates of heaven to make sure everyone is baptized. At the same time, we who are Christians follow and obey the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ. In baptism, we make sure our new life with Christ is started right.

Who Should Be Baptized?

Every new believer in Jesus Christ should be baptized. You need to be baptized in order to officially join our membership at First Baptist. If you've already been baptized as a follower of Christ in a different context or congregation and wish to become a member here, please fill out our baptism form here or contact Pastor Jeremy Lutz.

Next Steps

If you wish to be baptized for the first time, please click here to fill out our baptism form and we will contact you with a time to talk over your profession of faith.