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Christmas Special Offering: Update!

Every Christmas it is our desire as a church to honor the gift God gave us in Christ through our annual Christmas Special Offering.  A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to go above and beyond our normal giving to give our first and best gift to Christ Himself at Christmas. 

Yesterday during our services it was announced that through the Lord's generosity, our church came up with over $18,000 for this year's Christmas Special Offering. Praise God for what He is able to do in and through the hearts of His servants!

Our 2018 Christmas Offering was called “We Give”.  The offering will go in its entirety to the Resource Center at Baptist Theological College (BTC) in Cebu, Philippines.  Their mission is to glorify God by helping churches train leaders to serve in ministry in all the areas where God calls them to minister.  As a church, we have supported several church leaders and missionaries that have been part of the BTC family.  We have experienced the fruit of their ministry for many years.