This week we are having our FINAL Parking Lot Worship Service at FBC! After this week we will be transitioning back to being in our building starting Sunday, November 1st. To sign up for this week's outdoor service, click here, and for more information about our indoor services, click here.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am! | (724) 658-2507

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Easter at First Baptist

Celebrate Jesus

What is your biggest need in life?

Some would say money. "If I could just have enough money to live comfortably, my life would be great." Others would say love. "If I could just get so-and-so to notice me, things would be alright." It must be tragic to God how the things we long for the most aren't actually our greatest needs.

The Bible makes it very clear to us that our greatest need is neither money, nor romantic love, but to be fully accepted once again by the God of the universe. This is what we truly need to live life to the fullest. Many see Easter on their calendars and they think it's just another Sunday the Christians get together to do their thing. But the truth is Easter is so much more! Easter is a commemoration of the day our greatest need was met at the empty tomb when our Lord Jesus defeated death forever. In a way, we celebrate this event every week, but we make sure we take time to specifically remember this on Easter morning.

So whether you're new to church, old to church, or somewhere in between, you're invited to come celebrate the resurrection with us! Jesus is risen and we rise with him. Death has been defeated! Our sins are no more! Praise the risen Son of God with your friends at First Baptist.