With the desire to shepherd with love and care for our neighbors, First Baptist New Castle will not be meeting physically for the forseeable future. Instead we will be meeting via Livestream each Sunday at 11:15am. To access this please navigate to Resources tab > Watch Livestream or click here.

Our office is closed during the week as well, but tithes and offerings will continue to be processed. Additionally all mail will continue to be received and picked up throughout the week. For any questions regarding the office please contact Jan Weaver at (724) 944-1760

Sundays at 9am & 10:45am  |  (724) 658-2507

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Worship Spotlight

Corporate worship is the lifeblood of the church.

We come together each week leaving behind busy work schedules and even busier family life to worship the triune God as a family. This is the one time our church family is guaranteed to be together week to week. Therefore, here at FBC we believe it is very important to take this time seriously.

Primarily, from start to finish, we want to tell and remind you of the gospel of Jesus Christ -- after all, Christ's work on the cross is the reason we can worship the Father in the first place! In order for us to understand what is taking place and how it relates to this gospel, we thought it necessary to highlight certain aspects of our worship service each week. If you look in your bulletins given to you as you walk into the service, you'll see on the back an order of service, as well as a "Worship Spotlight." 

It's important that we understand what is going on during worship, not aloof, just trying to get through to lunch. We honor God by thinking during our worship, so that our head knowledge will inform our hearts to worship God in spirit and truth. Our Worship Spotlight will assist us in this endeavor to understand why we do the things we do in our service. 

Let this Worship Spotlight, like everything we do, bring glory to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us new life through His Spirit to give back the praise He so deserves.