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We are defining milestones as significant moments in the life journey of a parent and a child that offer unique opportunities to reinforce truth and celebrate a growing relationship with God. We are committed to equipping and resourcing parents to capitalize on these key transitions for their child's benefit as well as their own. As you see below, each milestone aims to address some core competencies. The parent seminars are designed to equip and resource parents to cover the key topics with their children/teens. The church events and family celebrations provide other important times of reinforcement and celebration.

At FBC, Milestones 1-3 are championed by Children's Ministries. Milestones 4-6 are championed by Student Ministries. Milestone 7 brings the young adult into the discipleship plan of Adult Ministries.

Milestone 1: Child Dedication

Parent Seminar: Child Dedication Class
Church Event: Child Dedication Service
Core Competencies: God calls parents to be the primary spiritual influencers of their children.

Milestone 2: Faith Commitment [3yrs - 4th grade]

Parent Seminars: Faith Foundations, Spiritual Disciplines, Leading Your Child to Christ
Church Event: Baptism
Family Celebration: Spiritual Birthday Party
Core Competencies: Jesus, faith, the Bible, spiritual disciplines, sin, repentance, and salvation.

Milestone 3: Transition to Adolescence [5th - 6th grade]

Parent Seminar: Preparing for Adolescence
Church Event: Mom/Daughter & Father/Son Retreat
Family Celebration: Road Trip
Core Competencies: Identity in Christ, Spiritual Growth

Milestone 4: Commitment to Purity [7th - 8th grade]

Parent Seminar: Commitment to Purity
Church Event: Commitment to Purity Weekend
Family Celebration: Purity Ring Celebration
Core Competencies: Biblical purity, healthy relationships, identity in Christ

Milestone 5: Passage to Adulthood [9th - 10th grade]

Parent Seminar: Preparing My Child for Adulthood
Family Celebration: Passage to Adulthood Ceremony
Core Competencies: Roles of men and women, spiritual gifts, service, basic tenets of the faith, PVM of FBC

Milestone 6: High School Graduation [11th - 12th grade]

Parent Seminar: Preparing my Child to Leave Home
Church Event: Senior Summit
Family Celebration: Blessing
Core Competencies: Defending my faith, God’s plan for my life, dating, marriage, life skills, managing finances

Milestone 7: Life in Christ [Adulthood]

Church Event: College Transition Retreat
Equipping Events: Small groups (interest group, care groups, life groups) and Adult Courses