This week we are having our FINAL Parking Lot Worship Service at FBC! After this week we will be transitioning back to being in our building starting Sunday, November 1st. To sign up for this week's outdoor service, click here, and for more information about our indoor services, click here.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am! | (724) 658-2507

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Indoor Service Online Registration

Greetings FBC Church Family,

The staff and leadership of FBC are excited to announce that on Sunday November 1st we will be opening our church doors once again for worship services! 

There will be two service times available and we are asking you to please register for which service you will be attending.  Service times are 9:00am and 10:30am.

You can register online for Sunday, November 1st by clicking the links below:

Children’s Ministry will be available for both services.  Please see further details below for the guidelines and instructions for children who will be in attendance.

Masks are required for the entirety of the worship services for ages 2 and up. (unless you have a medical condition).  For the safety of others, if you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a mask for the entirety of the service, we are asking you to sit in a designated section in our balcony area.

Children’s Ministry Basic Instructions

Nursery and preschool will be entering from the main doors upstairs and will be checking their kids in the nursery area – not in the lobby.  Directional arrows will be in place to help guide you.

Parents, we are asking that if you only have children in Kindergarten through 5th grade we would like you to park downstairs and come through the door closest to the ballfield, where you will register your child inside that door.  Children will then go into the gymnasium and will be dismissed to their individual classrooms following large group.  Please note parents that you will be picking your children up in the gymnasium, please do not enter the downstairs hallway to pick the children up.

Please note that there will be NO SNACKS provided for your children during these times. Water fountains have been turned off, but mini water bottles will be provided in classrooms.  Infants will be able to have bottles as provided by their parents.

Please bear in mind, that we too are learning how to navigate through these times, while keeping in mind the safety of everyone involved.  We recognize there will be adjustments that will need to be made and we are doing are best to follow all suggested guidelines.

We are asking all children preschool through 5th grade to wear masks or face shields for the entirety of time spent together. 

As always, cleanliness is a top priority and our Children’s Ministry rooms will be deep-cleaned prior to our restart date; as well as we will be limiting the number of toys and games within spaces to reduce contamination.  Lastly, in between services, we will be spraying spaces using Electrostatic Emist spraying systems. 

Children’s Ministry Check-Ins

Touch free Check-In services are now available!  Parents - Check in for children’s ministry can now be completed through an app which you can download for free on your smartphones. Download the Planning Center Church Center App and follow the instructions to register your children before you get to the service.  You will then scan the code given to you, when entering at your designated drop off / registration areas where your tags will be printed. If you are unable to pre-register via your phone app we will have someone at both children’s check in stations available to help you.

Children’s Ministry Resources

We have streamlined our curriculum to one called The Gospel Project. Now all children preschool through 5th grade will be learning the same Bible story, at their individual development level.

Parents you may have also heard about the new resources made available on our church website to promote faith at home.  If you go to our Faith At Home page, by using the password fbckids and creating an account through Lifeway, you will be able to access these online resources and go deeper with the current week’s lesson. It is an exciting opportunity for you to grow in your role as the primary spiritual influencer of your child.  As always, please reach out to Christy Stewart at with any questions.

As you can imagine the staff and leadership of FBC are very excited to begin worship services back up again. We look forward to worshipping together with you all again starting in November!

In His Service, Staff & Elders of FBC