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Student Events


With the desire to shepherd with love and care for our neighbors in the midst of Covid-19, First Baptist's Student Ministry Events will be largely limited to Wednesday nights with Covid-19 precautions in place. 

Summer Mission Camp

Students will have the opportunity to serve in a meaningful way without losing the fun and discipleship that are part of summer camp.  They will take part in a mission project as a group and be a part of the student life camp.

Fall Retreat

Each year our students go on a Fall Retreat in November at Camp Burton in Burton, OH. Every year this event connects students to the Lord in ways they never thought possible. It's always a highlight on our calendars!

Fast Forward

This year we are holding a brand new event called Fast Forward. Life as a teenager can seem to be all about fast forwarding. Junior high students want to fast forward into high school and high school students want to fast forward to graduation and adult life. 
However, our desire to fast forward can leave us distracted from living for Christ today. We'll explore this idea through the lens of God's word on an action-packed, fun-filled day! Be ready for some unexpected surprises!!!

Nerf Battle

During this event, we turn our gym into the ultimate battlefield! Nerf Battle is a great way to have fun and build connections with students and leaders!